Resources from BASTA!"Living with Your Legacy"Keynote

I made reference to various books,podcasts,great minds and more in the keynote atBASTA!Conference.Here are links for the curious:

Michael Feathers‘ Book"Working Effectively with Legacy Code",Prentice Hall,2004

Eric Evans‘ book,Domain-Driven Design,Addison-Wesley,2003

Michael Feathers' blog postIs Technical Debt Just a Metaphor?

Legacy Code Rockspodcast

Corgi Bytes(Andrea Goulet&M.Scott Ford)

Nick TuneDDD Hidden Lessons talkfrom Craft Conference

Accelerate,The Science of Devops:2018 book,2019 update(free PDF from Google) .Nicole Ferguson,PhD,Jez Humble,Gene Kim

Grady Booch on Cobol at 60

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